“Silver Tip” trees

by Sorrels Tree Farm


 New for the 2018 season Mueller’s Tree Farm is introducing cut Shasta Fir trees for sale.  The trees will be provided by Kurt Sorrels.  His tree farm is located in Northern California.  We are waiting until November in order to have the freshest trees.  Since these trees come from remote areas in the high country, we have a delicate balance between snow that will make the trees inaccessible and freshness.  This year we are testing the market with a limited supply, “first come first served” and we are not able to provide “rain Checks” on this inventory.

We hope to expand this market to provide whole sale lots to those that provide reseller permits in a timely fashion.  You may contact us by the various methods found on our “Contacts Page”.

Please note:  this page is under construction.  Pictures will be added soon.

number 6
number 5

Examples of the trees we will have at Mueller’s  Christmas Farm.  Of course these have not been cut yet; we will wait until the last minute so you will have the freshest trees.  As soon as the weatherman says snow, we will harvest trees for sale at our location.  We will put the into water as soon as the trees arrive at the farm.  With no rain in sight yet, these may be the only trees we will have this year.  Our trees have not been rained on for a while and the are not “bone dry” but they need rain to “plump up”.

number 4
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