2018 Season

OPEN:  Friday After Thanksgiving


   12:00 noon to 5:PM

Closed Tuesdays Wednesdays & Thursdays

 We still have thousands of trees.  The nice trees are hiding. 


Please call for possible visits when we are closed  (530) 533-4593  Farm employees on site are not authorized to conduct sales with out the marketing staff.



We will most likely be here farming real trees, but please do not drive up from town without calling first except when we are officially open.  We do not want you to waste your trip. You will most likely find a closed gate, even when we are here. Sometimes we go Christmas shopping in town.  The workers in the tree plantation may not be able to help you.

We want everyone to have an opportunity to visit us in Northern California to find a real Christmas tree.  We still have many trees (of all shapes, sizes and ages), however, to find the one for you be prepared to see many trees of all shapes and sizes.  We will be out trimming real Christmas trees during the summer to be sure everyone will be able to find a nice tree every year…the first people to visit will always have the easiest search for that “perfect tree” but there inventory is large enough that we will always have  good trees.  We are too low in elevation to grow “Silver Tip” trees (Shasta Fir).  Please look at all of the pictures on this web site to see our Douglas Firs and Scotch Pines;  we do not wish for folks to spend their fuel and time coming to only be disappointed because we do not have the tree species they are seeking.  We have a limited supply of live potted trees for people that live in San Francisco or Sacramento.  You can even get a live potted Christmas tree if you live in Chico, Ca or Oroville.  You can only look at them if you live in Yuba City or Paradise…..just kidding.  We even sell Christmas trees to people from Red Bluff!  …and: if you come all the way from San Diego U know we just gotta sell you a Christmas tree because of your dedication.  On our off hours, however, you must call to be sure someone that is able to sell Christmas trees will be here. Tree farm maintenance and farmers may be trimming in the field but they are not  sales people.

NOTE: If you call during hours of operations it may be necessary to leave a message and we will call U back between customers.

  Potted trees are sold on availability. 

We welcome you to call us for other visits at other times.  We give farm tours of the Christmas tree farm to groups by appointment.  To see the trees and  to hear about the farm operations, please give us a call or send and e-mail.  Our contact information for our Christmas tree farm is found by clicking on “Contacts” on our home page. HOME     Price
Christmas Trees In Northern California are part of what keeps California Green (pun intended) HO HO HO!  Our tree farm is located about 25 minutes from Chico, Oroville or Paradise, Ca.  We are about 80 minutes north of the Sacramento Airport.