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Choose and Cut
 Northern California
Christmas Tree Farm in Butte County
between Chico, Oroville & Paradise
 (Butte County Choose and Cut)
  Christmas Tree Farm
12:00noon until Dark
 Sunday December 20
Closed for season at Dark.
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at the top of each page for directions to our farm.  You can also punch 11452 Nelson Bar Rd., Yankee Hill, California into google maps!  

100 % organically grown

Sorry,  no "silver tip"

"Shasta fir".....

Farm conditions:  Click "WEATHER"

Northern California Christmas tree farms are also found on line as:
 Christmas Tree farms in Butte County or Butte County Christmas Trees.  Other search terms are Holiday Trees , Christmas tree lot, farm grown, Christmas trees near Butte County, etc.
The picture below is an example of a farm grown and sheared 12 foot Douglas Fir tree; this is the type of Christmas tree we have....sorry, we do not have Silvertip trees.
This is the type of trees we have.

Cut My Own
7 Foot Christmas trees, your choice:  $28.97includes tax
 other popular sizes of Christmas trees; click HERE
please see menu on left of page for hours
...and yes, for those that have been sending us e-mails to ask....we do put up and decorate a Christmas tree from our farm each and every year! 
We  have lots of fun meeting our return customers and get to see all the new babies that come looking for Christmas trees in Butte County.  As Santa, I get to hold most of the new babies; some babies seem to think the old bearded guy is looking for a meal and will not let me hold them!  Merry Christmas!!!! What a joy. Meeting old friends and hearing the laughter of the children is GREAT, Please do not forget to send us a *.jpg of your decorated tree for our new page  "Customer Photos" .  Simply send an email with a photo of your Christmas tree attached to   (sending a photo is considered as a consent to post it on our website) 

You will be able to share your Christmas tree with family and friends. You may add a line of text to go with your picture if you like. Some comments will go into our comments page.


Eco Friendly Farming:
Look for us online by searching Christmas trees Butte County or Butte County Christmas tree farms.
Our phone number is (530) 533-4593. We may be busy with customers or, after the season, we will be out planting and farming trees for next year.  Please leave your name and contact info and we will contact you.  We are a self contained farm that is sustainable.  The power company does not burn fuel and spew fumes into the air so we can pump water to the trees.  This means we are impacted by the drought.  We get our seedlings from mature trees right on our farm.

Dog friendly

 We have Douglas Fir (pseudotsuga menziesii), sorry our farm elevation is to low for Silver Tip


    Butte County Choose and Cut Farms :

We have had visitors from Chico Ca, Paradise Ca, Gridley Ca, Live Oak Ca,Oroville Ca, Yuba City Ca, Marysville Ca,Orland Ca, Red Bluff, Redding, Oakland, Sacramento, Susanville, Macy's in San Francisco, and even a family from Orange County found a Christmas tree on our Christmas tree farm. 

Christmas Santa Parties in Chico, Paradise, Oroville

95965, 95926,95927, 95969

Please Note: Hay Rides are  weather permitting  ONLY.  If you have a large group, please be patient.  We will want to give everyone in the group a short ride and after everyone has had a ride, you can ride again........

Christmas tree Farm Tour hours may be arranged at the best times, please call.

"Customer Photos"

Phone: 530 533 4593 for info. 

Feel free to leave a message if we are busy outside with customers.

Our Butte County "Choose and Cut" phone service is up and running; we are currently able to process American Express, Discover, MC & Visa credit cards for Christmas Tree and Choose and Cut transactions.  Debit cards must be of the credit card type as we do not have a way to accept a pin number, yet.  

Credit Cards subject to InterNet Connection


Check HERE for weather and road conditions at our location

Just because it is "Environmentally Sound" 

Does not mean it has to cost more.... Vets and students get 10% discounts.  ID required.   "TREE PRICES": Click HERE.   



  Our friendly staff

Eco Friendly Farming


If you are looking for Butte County Choose and Cut Farms, you have found one.

   Christmas Tree Farm... Douglas Fir Tree at one of the Butte County Choose and Cut Farms.  We love Butte County, Christmas trees but most important, we love our fellow man; if you need a tree for your family and can not afford one, one may be appointed by the Santa when requested by your pastor or the Salvation Army.

We farm with environmentally sound farming practices, we are in Butte County, a short drive from Paradise, Oroville and Chico in Butte County, California.

Our customer base is from the Bay Area to Northern California, however, if you want to come up to shop from Southern Cal , we don't mind.  We have had a tree cutter take one to Orange County.... 

For family fun, hayrides in good weather, will work.  In order to wipe out wet bottoms, we do not offer hay rides on rainy days. Even though we take every precaution we know of to keep everyone safe, things can happen that are not in our control.  For us to be able to offer free hayrides for your family fun, the lawyers and insurance companies insist that we have a waiver and check the ID of the signing party.  You may read the form on our web site and even print it and sign it to save time when you arrive.  Please click  " tree permit " for details.  In order for your family fun hayride, you must sign the waiver and show ID....signing "Mickey Mouse"  or "Donald Duck" is no longer be an option.  (Unless your photo ID backs you up)   

Click Here for Map
to one of the Butte County Choose and Cut Farms:  Look for this 



  We have gone mobile.

FREE Pictures with Santa  at the farm if you bring your camera.
We will be happy to take a picture with our camera and e-mail it to you.
For Santa to be ready when you arrive you must call ahead.  12:00 Noon is the best time to visit Santa without a wait.

Christmas Trees Butte County,near Chico, Paradise and Oroville in northern CA

 If we do not have the kind of tree you want, please try our Links page.  The links may give you some leads to find Butte County Christmas Tree farms that have the species you are looking for.  

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