Jesus is the Reason for the Season

2018 Season

12 noon until dark

Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Eco-Friendly Farming
When looking in the woods for a Christmas tree, you could get lost.  Always carry a candy for survival food until you are found.  You can even suck a point onto the end and use it to stab wild animals in self defense. This would be Eco-friendly farming.

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Tree Menu
Tall trees: prices vary.
Short Trees under 6 foot: per foot charge,  $18.50.00 minimum

potted trees prices vary limited supply

potted roses prices vary  limited supply

credit card fees will be added  (CASH DISCOUNT)

Choose and cut:  please cut all trees with in 12″ from the ground,  The extra can be trimmed at check out and you will not be charged for it.

Cut trees:  per foot charge

For best selection of pre cut trees and live trees, it is best to come early.

Discounts:  don’t be shy, if you find two trees that are growing into each other and one needs to go, ask for a discount on the one that need to go.  This may provide you with a “wall Tree” that will snuggle up to your wall but be really full on the side that you see.

There is nothing wrong with saying “Happy Holidays”
but we prefer to say “Merry Christmas”!

                Educational Stuff:

Some farmers put chemicals on trees.  We do not use chemicals. We are an Eco-Friendly Farm. If U want chemicals on your tree, you can find the chemicals on the web.

Look up Kirk colorant or Kirk needle retention (not a fire retardant) or see if you desire to purchase these chemicals for your tree.  Please note: this does not keep the needles green, you can find other chemicals to “paint” the tree, large farmers that have to cut and ship trees early to large city markets use this stuff to make a tree appear to be fresh cut.

Please Note:  some customers have requested that we spray some trees with a non toxic colorant (paint).  We have researched the ingredients and found an ecologically safe spray.  Spray colorant may be requested.  We do not charge extra for the sprayed trees.  They just look a different shade of green. 

  DID YOU KNOW? An acre of Christmas trees will supply enough oxygen for 18 people a day. This is an Eco Friendly Farming Tip.

Choose and cut tip:  Live trees live in the woods; it is hard to look for a tree while wearing high heels or slippers or flip flops or “slip n slide” shoes.  Hiking shoes and golf shoes are cool.

Sometimes it rains in the forest…this makes us and our trees happy.  This Eco Friendly Farming does not count on fossil fuels to generate electricity for pumping water.  The rain is what supplies the “slip n slide” fun….be careful.  This is a natural process and you slip n slide at your own risk.

When you look at a tree in the woods, your reference is Earth….the trees will look tiny because the outside is huge; in your living room the tiny tree will be HUGE!  Why purchase the “Griswold family tree” and then cut it up to fit it into your house?…although it makes us happy when you do, (we charge by the foot)!

It is better to measure the space for your Christmas tree in your house before visiting a tree lot or Christmas tree farm.


updated 5/12/2018