Just because,,,

“Environmentally Sound”


 not just advertising buzz words.



Why we think our trees are ecologically Sound:




We do not burn diesel fuel ship trees to large markets in LA or the Bay Area.


We do not burn fossil fuels to run a pump to water trees.  We know the trees are just a decoration and not an essential item such as food.


We do not spray chemicals to control our weeds and brush, we do this by hand.  While we do use chain saws and weed eaters every spring, we burn less than 5 gallons of fuel.  It is labor intensive but we enjoy being able to help people celebrate the season.


Our trees are not the “cookie cutter” trees found at the tree lots in town.  We do provide for family bonding and memories.  The little ones will remember “the adventure into the wilderness” to find the family tree for years…perhaps for the rest of their lives.  Some years, when we have good rain for several years, we have really full trees.  In drought years we may have “Charlie Brown” trees.  We have what nature provides.  Even in drought years, you know your tree is fresh because you know exactly when it was cut. 



No….we R not high enough in elevation to grow Silver Tips or Shasta Firs.  However, due to popular demand, beginning in 2018, we plan to provide cut Silver Tip trees for our customers.


The tree, in the photo with the tractor, is the type we grow. (someone bought that tree).


    It takes about 45 minutes (20 miles one way) to get to our farm from Chico, Paradise or Oroville and a little fuel – depends on what you drive!  It is good for the ecology and your wallet: our 6 foot tree prices compete with the big box store prices for trees that were cut months ago.  The cost is small, gas and taxes included, and there was no diesel fuel burned in a tractor/ trailer rig to take it to the big box store; this is why we say “just because it is ecologically sound, it does not have to cost more.”


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Please Note: Hay Rides are Saturdays and Sundays only.  Also the WEATHER has to cooperate.  Wet hay is not a good thing.




We have been selling Christmas trees in Northern California since 2006.  Our customer response is greater each year.  We have been replanting each year.  The drought years were hard on the seedlings.  This year’s seedlings are looking really good.  We can tell you why we are popular, but we could be biased…..it would be best if you came out to see why people like us.

Tree Farming in Brazil?…just ask us…






updated 5/12/2018




Farm Tour 1

Environmental Christmas Trees Butte County California


Farm Tour 2



Butte County Christmas trees grown right here in Butte County.  We are in Butte County just 30 minutes from Chico, Paradise or Oroville.  Our Chico Christmas trees are born, grown, and and fresh right here in Butte County.  For the southerners….we are 90 minutes from the Sacramento Airport and we are not sure if they let you tie a tree to the roof of a 747.

Teaching the young ‘uns about a Christmas Tree Farm

Farm Tour 3
Farm Tour 4



Baby trees are planted in Butte County to be Christmas trees for Chico, Paradise Northern Ca residents.  We even have customers come from San Fransisco to pick their own choose and cut Christmas tree right from the farm.  We always have some cut trees available.

Baby trees.  Last year we planted 200.




Douglas Fir: This tree came to us from the CDF nursery in Paradise, Ca (Butte County).  We are now self contained sustainable and our trees come from trees on the farm.

Taking time for a picnic lunch with the family pet bear.  What do you call  bears without ears?

B, of course.

Farm Tour 6
Farm Tour 5

When the drought is over and the lake comes back up, we will float our boat.

Farm Tour 7



Weed eater time:

Farm Tour 9
Farm Tour 16
Farm Tour 8
Farm Tour 10







Storms water the trees.  Not much watering the past five years.  Last year there was plenty but not so much this year.



Sometimes it snows but sometimes we have to fill up frosty with air.

Farm Tour 11




Of course there are the spring flowers….they were especially brilliant this spring.

Farm Tour 12
Farm Tour 13
Farm Tour 13





Farm Tour 14
Farm Tour 15