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Driving directions from Paradise California in Butte County Northern CA

2016 Season  12 noon until dark


Driving time from Clark and Pearson:
1. If I am driving; 20 minutes
2. If my wife is driving; 30 minutes
3. If my mother was driving; all day
4. If you are driving; you may want to take your time and enjoy the scenery so it may take 45 minutes. 

 Well... It depends on where you are at in Paradise.  The best exit from Paradise would normally be to take Pentz Road and drive as though you were going to the Butte County seat in Oroville.  I say this would normally be the best route, however, if there were may choose to use Clark Road, again heading towards the Butte County seat in Oroville.  Either way, when you get to HWY 70, you would need to turn LEFT.
Once on HWY 70, proceed towards Reno.  You will climb out of the valley into the foot hills.  The drive is scenic when there is actually water in Lake Oroville.  Even when there is no water in the Butte County lake, the scenery is not bad and there is hardly ever any traffic.  You will cross the West Branch of the Feather River (Lake Oroville) and see road names such as Truex Road and Rich Gulch.  Watch on the right for Yankee Hill Road.  Do not turn here, it just means you are getting close to Lunt Road, on your left, where you WILL turn.  You want to turn left and go down a hill; if you are on Lunt Road and goin' up a hill, you turned right.  As you look out towards the next ridge you will see where you came from, that is, Paradise, CA.  If you missed Lunt Road on the left you will see Lunt Road on the right.  It goes up hill and, if you do not have a GPS,you will most likely get you lost, if you do not know the area.  Don't fret if you missed Lunt Road, I will tell you where to turn later on this page.  For those of your that are driving down hill on Lunt Road, you will come to the end of the road.  This will be the intersection of Lunt Road and Nelson Bar Road.  You will want to turn RIGHT.  Turning left will take you to a dead end.  If you turned RIGHT onto Nelson Bar Road you will be getting close.  You will drive past a pond on the left and then a red barn on the right.  This brings you to a "hairpin" turn and a place where addresses do not seem to make sense.  After the hairpin turn look for Candy Canes and a circular saw blade on the RIGHT.  If you are not the first tree cutter of the day you will see cars in a parking lot with children running all about and Butte County Christmas trees tied to the roof of some cars.  Please be careful and avoid driving over the little ones; they will mess up your car.
It is suggested that you back into a parking space so your vehicle will be pointed out.  We have parking lot attendants but they are sometimes called away to help a grandma cut her tree and bring it to the parking lot.   If the attendants are not there, someone may park in a manner that makes it difficult for you to turn around.  When you park, please keep this in mind so you do not make it difficult for someone else., for the folks that missed the Lunt Road turn:  Just after Lunt Road is a HWY 70 "lookout".  You can turn into the lookout and go back to Lunt Road.  Since turning into the lookout may be scary for some because the entrance is in a HWY 70 curve and you do not have a good view of on coming traffic, you can simply drive on to the next road on the left, which is Concow Road.  There is good visibility if the weather cooperates and there is a turn lane.  Once you have turned LEFT onto Concow Road continue past Pinkston Canyon Road and turn left, at the school, onto Nelson Bar road.  After a hairpin turn and the summit, look on the LEFT for Candy Cane and a red circular saw blade.  If you are not the first tree cutter of the day, you will most likely see a parking lot full of small children darting about and vehicles with trees tied on their roofs.  It is wise to maneuver your car so it is faced out so you do not have to turn around if the lot gets full.
We have attendants to help but they may have gone to help someone's grandma cut a tree.  
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