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If you have need of group services please read this information:


  One type is two or three carloads of family and friends that all want to arrive to look for trees at the same time.  Our hay wagon is limited to 8 persons at a time.  Your group does not have to do anything special, just visit during our regular hours and please have each driver fill out and sign our "TREE PERMIT" form.

If you would like something a little more special such as a tour or extended hay rides, please call to confirm a time and group size.  We can open an hour or two early on Saturdays to accommodate your family fun.  We will still need each driver to fill out and sign a "TREE PERMIT".  We are a small family farm with 4500 trees to look at but we have limited staffing.  Mondays, and Fridays are days when we have less visitors so you can call for an appointment on these days during regular hours.  Remember:  We are closed during the week so tours are by appointment only.




Boys and Girl Clubs, VFW, Church Groups, etc. are larger groups that must make prior arrangements in all cases.  These groups generally want tours and picnics and other events.  We require an insurance certification for one day for your group.  Your group insurance will usually provide this for free.

These activities can not be accommodated during our regular tree sales hours on the week ends.  Please call for info.



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