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Here are some answers to those most frequent questions.

NOTE:  2015 Season: Weekends only 12:00noon to Dark

1. How does it work?  What do we need to bring?

    Answer:  We provide saws, tree cutting tips, twine (most people like to bring a clothes line style or other soft rope) hay rides around the farm (hay rides: Saturday and Sundays, weather permitting during regular hours only) and assistance cutting and getting your tree to your vehicle.  You need to bring enthusiasm and a sense of adventure to look for a tree in our mini forest of thousands of trees.

2. Should I wear an evening gown and high heels or a tuxedo?

    Answer:  It is your call.  It is not efficient all terrain fashion choosing but hey, you gotta look good!!!

3.  How do I find SantaDeliversTrees?

    Answer:  On our web pages there are several places to click for maps the can be printed, many times clicking on the word map will take you to a url from Google maps, Yahoo maps, Bing maps or our own hand drawn map.  At the very top of the "home" page is a link to Mapmuse.  You can get directions and not a map with this web site.  One easy way is to put 11452 Nelson Bar Road, Yankee Hill into your cell phone GPS or vehicle GPS.  Calling us if you can not find us will work but in the mountains you may have to find a spot where you can get a signal.  Also, if we have many customers, you may have to leave a message and we will call back.

      MAP        Mapmuse

4.  What are the hours that we do not need an appointment?

    Answer:  Click on the word hours on the home page.  We will accept appointments at other times if you call to see when we will be able to help you.  At some times we are here but are doing non customer related activities such as planting trees or preparing for customers but we will happily make an appointment for a time we can help you.  Also, we gotta do some Christmas shopping, too.


5. Contacts:  click on contacts, you can ask questions by email.


6. What kind of trees do you have?  Do you have Silver tips?

    Answer:  We have Douglas Fir and a few Scotch Pine.  If you do not know the names of the trees, you can look at our FARM TOUR or look at all the pictures of trees on our web site.  If you do not see the tree you are looking for in the pictures, we do not have the species of tree that you are looking for.

                                   FARM TOUR

7. Other Questions:  You may call (530) 533-4593 or send an e-mail to      we answer all questions when we are between customers at the farm;  e-mails are answered with in 48 hours and usually the next day and sometimes with in hours.....

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