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This is a new page for our web site.  If you would like to post your decorated tree, please send an email to   and add the photo as an attachment to the email; photos should be in *.jpg format and no larger than .25 mb in file size.  You may add a one line description in the body of your text and we will include it with your photo.

Your submission of a photo and text are considered "permission to publish" on our web site.  Please take care that there is no personal info in the photo that you do not want to put on line.

You will be able to tell your family and friends to look at your tree on  They will be able to click on "Customer Photos" on the "Home" page to get to this page.

Did you get a funny picture of someone cutting down your tree?  Put it on the page!!!!


"Attached are photos of the tree we bought from you []. Our tree was the prized tree at the entrance to the 12f8 Christmas Tree Farm.  It has been the most beautiful and perfect tree we have had.  Thank you for sharing it w/ us."

Marc and Sherrie Noel

Noel Family tree 2013

  "Path thru the snowy trees"

 Thru the trees World Head Quarters

Looking towards Paradise Ridge

Road Making before the storm

Sutter Buttes were out there but did not show up in the photo

The Christmas trees are just on the other side of the brush.

cut at Santa Delivers

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